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Many Hearts One Beat Story

I am first and foremost the adoptive Mom to my beautiful son. I am secondly a graphic designer who wanted to offer special adoption keepsake gifts to those who travel the path of adoption. Adoption is a very personal, very emotional journey for all hearts involved and not an easy path to traverse at times. Each person on this path has their own individual experience and every story is different. My son is the single most wondrous gift I will ever know, yet his loss is not something I take lightly and is never, ever lost on me.

That being said, I will try to put into words my thought process behind our adoption keepsake shop, Many Hearts One Beat™ . . .

My little man is my sole inspiration for this venture. I struggled to find specific adoption gifts and keepsakes to honor those who walked our journey with us - who we are forever connected to. Many Hearts One Beat™ came to me one day as I watched my son playing with his trains and I was struck (as I often am) by the miracle of us finding each other, thousands of miles apart, from different countries and cultures. Yet, our lives have come together and we enjoy a bond and connection that is truly inexplicable. I ran through my mind all the incredible people we came in contact with over the course of the year, prior to and during the adoption process, who helped my son and I become a family: my friends, my family, coworkers, clients, my social worker, caseworker, attorney, translator, doctor, notaries, county clerk staff, consulate staff, embassy staff, local adoption coordinator, the INS, local, state and federal law enforcement officials, all those behind the scenes that I will never know, and most importantly, my son’s birth family and foster family. All these people, in some way, helped in our adoption journey -- all these many hearts who worked in unison so my son could one day know and feel the love and security of family -- this is when these countless many hearts finally beat as one.

I am in hopes that one day Many Hearts One Beat™, via our adoption keepsakes, becomes a symbol of what can be accomplished when we all work together for the love of a child.

Thank you for visiting us.

Be Well,

To all ...so many hearts are affected in so many different ways (from great joy to deep grief), on many levels, before and during the adoption process and continue to evolve and heal as time passes. To all the hearts all over the world, from the smallest town to the biggest city, that have in any way been affected by adoption, I honor your strength and your courage. I honor your heart.