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Tri-Heart Adoption Bracelet

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Our Tri-Heart Adoption Cuff Bracelet honors the many hearts involved in the adoption journey - the birth family, adoptive family and adoptee are represented by the three hearts on the cuff.

Hand-worked by South African artisans, this brass cuff is accented with three copper hearts outlined in bright brass. The pattern on the brass is achieved by applying extreme heat rather than paints or dyes. The cuff is 1" tall with an adjustable diameter of 2.5"

The bracelet is free from lead & nickel or any other allergy producing substances. Sprayed with a clear lacquer, the piece requires only a soft cloth for polishing. Once the lacquer wears off, which can take several years depending on the amount of wear, a household metal polish can be used. Your brass bracelet will change color with time and wear - it may start to take on a patina or darker areas, which is completely normal. As with all brass jewelry, avoid water and wrap in soft fabric and store in an airtight bag.

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